Global Omnium

Global Omnium

Nexus Integra Big Data platform has the solution in a multiple water area it was deployed a merged and standardized view of the different process data and geographical dispersion installations in a single platform. Moreover, it is used to other purposes as hydraulic simulator to real-time monitor the control strategies of a water distribution network, improve the efficiency of such process by gathering historical and real-time data, remote control and manage water stations and determine the probability of infection by cryptosporidium, as a consequence of the intake of treated water in the potabilization plants.

  • Processes monitoring systems
  • Improve the efficiency
  • 20% cut in maintenance cost
  • €1M in savings in energy consumption
Global Omnium


Nexus Integra platform has a solution to monitor and digitize the colorker production. It helps Colorker to deploy a traceability system at piece level, across multiple production lines. Moreover, it is use to create a holistic database by combining the traceability information and the data stream from the entire productive system to get a much more refined and highly accurate OEE metric.

  • Access to accurate, structured and updated data about its productive reality.
  • Cost optimization at piece level across its entire supply chain.
  • 20% cut in maintenance costs.
  • 70% reduction in the price of developing new industry 4.0 applications.
Global Omnium

Developed for Seat

Nexus integra is a big data platform that offers a standardized solution for the collection and storage of data generated in the production process of gearboxes. It allows to solve the problem in the production of gearboxes, because its predictive model detects manufacturing failures beforehand. This avoids the unplanned stoppages that involved a large cost, avoids the production of defective parts and helps to determine the origin of the failures.

  • Production control
  • Predictive analytics
  • Retrospective analytics
Global Omnium

Frutos Secos Alcañiz

Nexus Integra and its integrated operations system allow the automatic integration of all the production information of the almond processing plant in Alcañiz in a single point. The interfaces of the system are natively web, allowing an agile access to the information.

The platform allows to exploit this information through reports and unified dashboards, to obtain metrics and efficiency indicators (OEE) of each of the machines and lines that constitute its productive system, as well as to visualize the data of that process crossed with other information relevant to its understanding and analysis. Nexus Integra is very versatile, simple and efficient both in its maintenance and in its scalability in the future.

  • Automatic control of stock levels, shrinkage, etc.
  • All plant information is accessible from a single point
  • The information already stored, saving time, resources and a valuable opportunity cost.