Nexus Integra
as horizontal solution

Nexus Integra has been designed to be a standard product to be used in different sectors. We provide a closed solution to structure and unify different data sources solving the complexity to exploit data coming from different vendors and equipments, from PLC, sensors or SCADAs to data bases hosted in isolated servers.

Our goal is to provide a product of reference to digitize, command and exploit data generated in production processes by providing a high performance centralized, scalable and simple data government framework.

The scope of application can be any scenario where there is a need to manage and remotely control dispersed assets providing a centralized operations framework for all process-activities. We are deploying our solution in sectors like public administration to manage smart cities, smart buildings, etc, utilities to operate over water distribution networks and industry where we are leading several projects to enable the digital transformation in areas like ceramics, agri-food, packaging or automation. Know how Nexus Integra can help you digitizing your business.

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Nexus Integra provides a centralized operations centre based on advanced analytics providing a global management and supervision framework to control distributed assets.

This solution has been widely applied for water management and energy efficiency systems.

Nexus Integra has a wide experience in this sector as it has been installed in Global Omnium to manage and monitor the status of the different water reserve exploitation assets, such as treatment plants, pumps or distribution networks at multiple installations. Also, our platform is being used to provide energy management to efficiently control consumption costs in industry plants and buildings.


Industry 4.0

Nexus Integra has a wide experience leading the digital transformation in the industry sector. We provide the ability to build the digital-twin which digitalizes the entire production process offering information in real time. Thanks to the complete data-set gathered from all business processes, it has been developed some sector-specific vertical applications which help our customers to increase its profitability by reducing operational costs thanks to the easy-to-manage platform. These specific modules are:

  • OEE-Production efficiency which measures the production line productivity by using the OEE metric. It provides a powerful tool to quickly identify your production losses and associated costs to increase the overall benefits.
  • Traceability module which provides the ability to register the complete production process cycle for each line. It is possible to know the production status at each stage and globally.

Smart infrastructure

Nexus Integra provides integral operation for smart infrastructures and critical environments thanks to the real-time data collection, data process correlation and information processed from different data sources. It is possible to combine data from different systems and actuate based on different inputs, i.e., from real-time data coming from sensors installed along the continuous process, to the historical data stored in existing data-bases or external information systems.

Intelligent operation is possible thanks to the combination of thousands of signals. Data is standardized and structured for its exploitation. Vertical SW applications can be easily implemented on top of Nexus Integra big data platform thanks to an API-rest service, reducing the cost of advanced developments and new deployments. This approach guarantees the interoperability between existing smart applications solving the common issue of having application’s silos. Finally, it provides a centralized governance dashboard to monitor all KPIs for the different smart city components under a common view.